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Amy Unzicker

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Tennis – Western Illinois University

I first started training with Joe Terry when I was a sophomore at Morton High School. During that time he realized that when I jumped and landed my knees would bend in and hit each other. This wasa problem because it increased my chances of tearing my ACL. He videotaped me at the beginning and then at my last workout. Everything we had been working on helped a lot and I saw theresults. Since I am a soccer player we also worked on quickness and speed. I continued to come during my soccer so that I could stay healthy. At the end of that season I was First Team All- Conference.

I started my tennis season in the fall. During the summer he worked with me on strengthening my abs and low back because I had some weakness. I ended up attending state that year with my doubles partner and we finished in the top 32 in the state. We continued to work on strength and speed until soccer season came. My junior year I made First Team All- Conference, and All-Area Team. My senior year I continued to train with him again before my tennis season started. At the end of the season I won the conference, sectionals, and I was also named the Journal Star Player of the year. We continued to work together until soccer season. After my senior year of soccer I made First Team All- Conference, All- Area Team and was selected to the All- State Team.

Joe is fun to train with yet he knows when it is time to get down to business. He encouraged me and pushed me to be a better athlete. When I train with Joe, I see results, which is what makes him so awesome. I am now in College and continue to train with him over breaks and when I am home for the summer. In college I was named Conference Performer of the Week for both tennis and soccer in back to back weeks. I also won conference at the number two spot and had to the most goals on my soccer team.

  • Western Illinois University
  • Monmouth College – Soccer & Tennis
  • Morton High School