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For Athletes

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE training follows a logical method to progress athletes to excel in the conditioning for their sport. The primary philosophy for increasing athletic performance is that athletes must be able to control their own body weight before adding external resistance. On the field, athletes who have better control of their movements have the advantage. From power development utilizing components of Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics, to speed and agility development, to fun­ctional strength and endurance training, all methods are incorporated in a sports specific training program.

INJURY PREVENTION is one of the primary goals of athletic performance training. Specific techniques are utilized to decrease injury risks identified during the performance evaluation. Strict supervision of techniques for jumping, running, changing direction and weight training are crucial to decreasing the risk of athlete injury. Flexibility, balance, and joint stabilization implemented with the strength and conditioning program completes the total Athletic Performance Training package.

THE HUMAN PERFORMANCE LAB specializes in athletic performance training. Our facility is staffed by the most experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the area. From junior high athletics to the Olympics, The Human Performance Lab has the experience and programming to fit your athletic performance needs.

  • Sprint & Agility Training
  • Jump Mechanics & Development
  • Power Development
  • Injury Prevention
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Parent Workout Programs

And those competing in the sport of life

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH and Conditioning programs are not just for athletes. Anyone who wants to truly become stronger and more fit can benefit from the programs at The Human Performance Lab. You do not have to be an athlete to train like one.

The staff at The Human Performance Lab utilizes their knowledge as rehab professionals with their experience as strength and conditioning specialists to provide the highest quality programming for people of all fitness levels.

Whatever your goal, The Human Performance Lab can help you achieve it. The appointment based scheduling and supervised workouts assist with the consistency and accountability needed to bring success in attaining your fitness potential. Our specialized facility provides a wide range of equipment and space designed with the sole purpose of implementing the latest in strength and conditioning techniques.

The methods at The Human Performance Lab are based in research of sports medicine, kinesiology, and strength and conditioning. These methods are implemented in all aspects of the programming. From the warm-up to the cool-down every aspect of the workout is organized specifically to get the best performance from your body.

  • Functional Strength Training
  • Fitness Enhancement
  • Weight Loss Management
  • Post Rehabilitation Programs